Getting to know the ABV Team - Oscar Mussons (Program Director)

Oscar Mussons, a professional lawyer and a passionate advocate for human rights, has always sought to build a career around creating positive change. With a diverse background in international consultancy, non-profit organisations, and public service, Oscar has embraced his role in transforming communities here at ABV as a Program Director. This profile will share Oscar's inspiring journey and highlight the valuable experience he brings to ABV.

Oscar's journey with passion for volunteering started early. At 21, he volunteered in Serbia at a summer nature camp to enrich local school children's connection with nature. Presently, he is a Board member at the Centre for Volunteering, a peak body for promoting and supporting volunteering and community participation. Through his passion for sport, he is involved in various football advisory groups and contributes to initiatives supporting the advancement of First Nations involvement in football. In 2019 he also received the Volunteer Manager of the Year Award in NSW. Throughout his career, volunteering and giving back have always been a focal point for Oscar.

Oscar's career has spanned continents and diverse working environments. In his last role, Oscar was the Volunteer Program Manager at the Asylum Seekers Centre, where he supported people seeking refuge in Sydney that came from over 90 countries. Oscar's compassion, coupled with his legal background, makes him a driving force for change.

Oscar is passionate about staying active and enjoys running, hiking, and spending time in nature. After work, you can find him exploring restaurants in Sydney and trying new cuisines. However, his main hobby is travelling the world, as he finds great joy in discovering new countries and immersing himself in diverse cultural experiences. Oscar takes pride in having already visited more than 125 countries and aspires to make it to all 195.

In Oscar's words, he joined ABV because "I love the fact that we reach very isolated and remote communities through tailored support. I just came back from a trip where we work with a corporate partner to walk alongside First Nations people, which was an incredibly rewarding experience."

We are thrilled to have Oscar on our team, and we are sure he will continuously push the boundaries of what can be achieved by our programs. His commitment to human rights, tireless efforts in promoting volunteerism, and genuine desire to bridge divides make him a valuable part of the ABV family. As he continues to champion ABV's cause, Oscar inspires all those who strive to make the world a fairer and more inclusive place.

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