National Volunteering Week - Jarrod's Story

Jarrod Joske has been an invaluable part of the ABV family since 2021 and continues to offer support in a variety of areas due to the versatility of his skills. Jarrod's passion for lending his experience to community organisations stems from his belief in the power of teamwork. Living in West Melbourne, it was during his time as a product manager for NAB (National Australia Bank) that he was recommended to apply to ABV's Corporate Skilled Volunteering program by a friend.

This led to Jarrod becoming a part of the ABV/NAB Community Strategy Challenge (CSC) to support the Queensland Rural Fire Service. Immersed in a tight-knit team of six volunteers from all corners of NAB, the CSC became a transformative experience for Jarrod and his colleagues. Their collective knowledge and dedication allowed them to accomplish three months' worth of work in a mere ten days. Jarrod thrived in this collaborative environment.

The impact of their efforts didn't stop there, Jarrod and the NAB volunteers created a streamlined onboarding process for rural fire service. By implementing solutions, they suggested how to compress the typically year-long volunteer application process to a remarkable 35 days. The Queensland Rural Fire Service team was so grateful for their contributions that they sent Jarrod a bundle of merchandise, serving as a daily reminder of his time with them.

As he ventures into a consultancy role with a boutique management company, Jarrod's dedication to ABV remains, and he has since been able to work on regional projects in Batlow and Orbost in NSW/VIC.

To Jarrod, ABV stands out from the crowd as an organisation, with its remarkable team embodying authenticity and genuine compassion. "ABV is set-out from the rest. Their key differentiator is their team, everyone I've crossed paths with from ABV has been genuine, and I've loved working with them and making lasting friendships."

When Jarrod isn't busy volunteering or working, he immerses himself in his music, playing gigs at local venues and supporting Melbourne's unique music scene. He also advocates for mental health awareness, participating in the 3144 push-up challenge (symbolic of the lives lost to suicide in 2021); he raises funds for Lifeline—a testament to his commitment to giving back.

In Jarrod's words, "It's not just about doing good; it's also about building lasting connections and the fulfilment that comes from knowing you’ve helped made a difference."

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