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Collaborating with Skilled Business Volunteers, ABV emerges as a transformative force that drives economic growth and empowers communities globally. Our programs create resilient footprints, leaving behind a long-lasting economic impact that spans generations.

How We Make an Impact

ABV is an international development agency with a mission to strengthen businesses and economic organisations by reducing poverty through sustainable growth. With over 40 years of expertise, ABV pursues its charitable purposes by implementing community led programs, workshops and business mentoring throughout Asia Pacific and in Australia.
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Our Primary Programs

Each program has been co-designed by our experts in international and community development and from our in-house Skilled Business Volunteers and small business owners who donate their time.
Community Led Programs
Using a blend of our Skilled Business Professionals who donate their time and our expert staff, ABV co-designs programs that support our partners to achieve their outcomes, fulfil their ethical commitments, and meet their KPIs (such as the SDGs).   Our focus is on meeting the business challenges that small businesses, not-for-profits, or staff within a corporate are experiencing.
Your Enterprise Scheme (YES)
ABV’s specialized small business skills capacity building program providing support for existing and emerging entrepreneurs and SMEs. YES is an expertly developed business program delivering the fundamentals of business, YES is offered across 3 categories to suit a wide range of business development stages: 1) YES Standard 2) YES Startup 3) YES Accelerator
Better Business Governance (BBG)
Targeted at company owners and directors, BBG covers the principles of good corporate governance, organisational structures and the duties of Executives. BBG is designed to assist participants in becoming responsible and effective in their roles through one-on-one mentoring tailored to suit individual and business needs from startups to established organisations.
Expert professional development mentoring programs that are collaboratively and responsively designed to ensure the needs of both mentors and mentees are met. Our approach to mentoring program design and implementation integrates international development theory and good practice mentoring standards to deliver programs to assist participants to choose pathways for their professional development that are relevant and sustainable.
Corporate Skilled Volunteering (CSV)
ABV’s evidence-based skilled volunteering programs for corporate partners provide immersive projects pairing corporate employees with a social enterprise to support and develop their capacity to solve a business challenge. Tailored to the specific needs of our partners, each program aims to deliver triple benefits for corporates, employees and community partners through leadership development, talent retention and social impact.
Family Money Management Program (FMMP)
This program has been designed in response to an identified need for families to strengthen skills in planning and saving for the future and seeking advice about money and finance. The program is offered to participants who may have limited exposure to handling cash and offers a gender inclusive approach, encouraging men and women from family groups to participate collaboratively.

Volunteering with ABV

Volunteering with ABV is a fulfilling experience.   The principle of how ABV works is that we engage Skilled Business Professionals who donate their time, knowledge and experience to implement tailored workshops and programs to local communities in need of economic assistance.

Our Skilled Business Volunteers bring extensive experience and an open minded approach that guarantees effective and authentic skills transfer to workshops and mentoring. Working in collabortion with a range of organisations including local NGOs, educational institutions, national, provincial and local governments, large corporates and small businesses, together we aim to seek solutions for communities.
Defined Success Measures
We design solution based programs with our corporate partners that have agreed and measurable outcomes.
Aligned Goals and Priorities
Our Skilled Business Volunteers are inducted into our programs of work understanding and agreeing to the program goals and outcomes.
Operation Excellence
Our team have the in country and operation knowledge to manage your assignment requirements for all travel arrangements, training and country specifics.
Training and Skill Building
We provide continuing training and support to volunteers so they are knowledgeable to deliver the content of the workshops and mentoring programs.
Feedback Loops
We offer transparent feedback processes for assignment and program improvement.
Continuous Imropvement
We seek advice from our Skilled Business Volunteers to improve the volunteer experience of in country and online assignments, our Volunteers are the heart of our business.

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ABV is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).
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ABV is a team of several hundred Skilled Business Professionals (SBPs) enabled by a small salaried team. Together we source opportunities throughout Asia Pacific and in Australia to work in partnership with corporates and deliver impactful corporate social responsibility programs. We guarantee sustainable outcomes for communities, through strengthening small businesses and not for profits, leading to poverty alleviation. With 40 years’ experience across Australia, Asia and Pacific, ABV is focussed on programs that produce outcomes, positive stories of change for the small businesses and not-for-profits that our Skilled Business Professionals and staff support through transferring Australian business know-how and experience.
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