Future Planning for Cultural Preservation

In the heart of NSW's South Coast, the Batemans Bay Local Aboriginal Land Council's Walbunja Rangers—a group deeply connected to the land—sought assistance from Australian Business Volunteers (ABV) to improve their business planning and strategy. 

Image above: Ken Long, Andrew White and Ros Carriage working on business plan for BBLALC.

The Walbunja Rangers—custodians of country revegetation, pest control, and cultural preservation— have dedicated years to merging traditional knowledge with Western education. Their mission involves maintaining the delicate balance through practices honed over tens of thousands of years.

Image above: Walbunja Rangers, Andrew White and Adam Nye demonstrating a burn at ABV's Cultural Burning Conference August 2023.

Dr. Ken Long, an ABV skilled business volunteer stepped in to lend a hand to the Walbunja Rangers, drawing on his extensive experience improving business competitiveness and productivity. 

The collaboration between ABV, Dr. Ken Long, and the Walbunja Rangers was more than creating a business plan. It was about the team discovering their individual and collective strengths, learning together, and building confidence in their own abilities.

This project reflects ABV's commitment to supporting First Nations organisations, fostering entrepreneurship and business development, while also playing a vital role in enhancing disaster preparedness and community resilience on a national scale.

Above: Andrew White and Ken Long working on a business plan for BBLALC

The Disaster Risk Reduction Fund (DRRF) is jointly funded by the Australian and New South Wales governments.

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